Photo Magic

Have you ever wanted that special photo placed on a button? What about a keychain for that special gift to a grandparent? Button diameter is 2 1/4 inches finished. If you have a photo that will fit and do not want the original back, we will affix it to a button in the style of your choice. Don't want to deface your photo? Send it to us and we will scan it and use the print for the button. Wording can be added to scanned photos. Scanning and alteration fees apply. Your photo returned unharmed.

We can put your favorite photo on buttons, t-shirts, mugs, bears, mouse pads, puzzles, drink insulators, ceramic tiles, and many other items. If you don't see it here, email us for a price quote. These make great gifts, people love personalized items, it shows you took the time to pick out that special gift!

If purchasing by credit card in our secure shopping cart, please mail or email photo as a jpg or gif prior to completeing purchase.

One photo + a little Magic =



Cute as Babies

94-1 $1.25 Add to Cart

    Your Photo On a Button

    See Prices Below


Your Point?

96-1 $1.25Add to Cart

Add a Gold or Silver metallic frame around your photos on Buttons, Magnets, or Mirrors for a jewelry touch

Put your Pet or favorite person on an item!

See Prices Below

Lady Bug 200 Add to Cart Blue Bunny 201 Add to Cart Bee 202 Add to Cart

Blanket Baby 203 Add to Cart White Bear 204 Add to Cart Pink Bunny 205 Add to Cart

Brown Bear 206 Add to Cart

Put your photo on a wall clock

Bears, puppets, mouse pads, coasters, watches, drink insulators, snow globes, calendars, wall hangings, puzzles and much more being added weekly!


click here for larger view of our "motherhoood" bear**click here for larger view of our "Bridal Bear"

Bears come in a choice of Polar Bear, Brown Bear, or Panda Bear along with a choice of a boy with a bow tie or a girl with a matching hair ribbon. Each has a choice of a white shirt with either white, blue, red, or yellow sleeves. Each bear is a soft, hugable, 10" tall seated, just the right size to love! Photo Bears, including any personalization, are $12.99 59-34

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Wedding Bears are white with white on white shirts. Each comes with a veil, a bouquet, and any personalization for $14.99 59-33 Add to Cart

Special: Motherhood bear $10.99 169-32 Add to Cart


Limited Time!

Make that special little one into a country girl or boy! Send a photo through the mail or via email as a jpg or gif. Original (thru the mail) will be unharmed. $6.99 59-35 Add to Cart


Scanning and Retouching Services also available.

Contact us for a quote

Please contact us prior to placing credit card orders.

MOUNTING PRICES for ALL Photo Items Below

Includes simple scanning fee

59-1 Pin Back Button
59-1F Pin Back Button with frame
59-2 Magnet Back Button
59-2F Magnet Back Button with frame
59-3 Mirror Back Button
59-3F Mirror Back Button with frame
59-4 Key Chain
59-5 Mirror Key Chain
59-7 Sticky Back Button
59-7F Sticky Back Button with Frame
59-10 Stickers
59-12 T-shirt White Only
59-18 Tote bag
59-20 Youth T-shirt White only
59-28 Watch
59-29 Wall Clock
59-30 Snow Globe
59-31 Nite Lite
59-33 Wedding Bear
59-34 Photo Bear
59-35 Puppet
59-36 Mouse Pad
59-37 Can Wrap
59-38 Puzzle
$2.25Add to Cart
$2.50Add to Cart
$2.50Add to Cart
$2.75Add to Cart
$3.00Add to Cart
$3.25Add to Cart
$2.75Add to Cart
$3.25Add to Cart
$2.25Add to Cart
$2.50Add to Cart
$2.00Add to Cart
$19.00Add to Cart
$14.00Add to Cart
$13.00Add to Cart
$11.99Add to Cart
$17.00Add to Cart
$5.99Add to Cart
$10.99Add to Cart
$14.99Add to Cart
$12.99Add to Cart
$6.99Add to Cart
$5.99Add to Cart
$6.99Add to Cart
$5.99Add to Cart